WRF Administration

The original development of the WRF system was a multi-year project undertaken jointly by several agencies. The coordination of this development effort was shared, and it involved the partner institutions and agencies, while including outside advisory positions. WRF is now a mature system, and the one WRF board that remains active is the Research Applications Board (RAB). The RAB, described below, meets annually at the WRF Users' Workshop. One may find information below on the historical WRF boards.

Also linked to below are: (i) the Mesoscale and Microscale Meteorology (MMM) Laboratory of NCAR and (ii) the Developmental Testbed Center (DTC). MMM is responsible for WRF community support (including user assistance, tutorials, releases, and the annual users' workshop) and leads the WRF Developers' Committee and the WRR Release Committee. The DTC supports WRF-NMM and HWRF (Hurricane WRF) and conducts various WRF evaluations.


WRF Boards and Related Groups

WRF Research Applications Board
WRF Executive Oversight Board
WRF Operations Requirements Board
WRF Development Teams and Groups

NCAR MMM Laboratory— WRF User Support
The Developmental Testbed Center