WRF Real-Time Forecasting

Real-Time WRF— Sample Links

The following list offers a sampling of real-time WRF operations simply to illustrate the breadth of this use of WRF and to provide examples of real-time WRF products. It is in no way a complete list of real-time WRF sites, and being on this list is not an endorsement of the operation. Real-time operations of WRF may be in flux, so some sites may no longer be active.

Selected Organizations Running WRF


20-km CONUS:72-h fcst from 0000 UTC Z initialization / 48-h fcst from 1200 UTC initialization (details)

36-/12-km CONUS/Central US nested run: 48-h fcst from 0000 UTC initialization



WRF-NMM at 12-km to 84 hours (details)

HiRes Window runs of WRF-NMM (5.2 km, details) and WRF-ARW (5.8 km, details)



15-h North American ARW runs, 13-km, hourly initialization

15-h CONUS WRF runs, 3 km hourly initialization



ARW, 4-km, sub-CONUS, 36-h forecast




Real-Time WRF Worldwide