WRF Research-Community Priorities for WRF-System Development

Read the Plannning Document (PDF)

The WRF Research Applications Board (RAB) is charged to “review trends and emerging science and technologies and to identify and prioritize those elements representing the greatest opportunities for advancing the capabilities of the WRF modeling system for use by the research community.” In response to this directive, the RAB is soliciting input from the research community and preparing a strategic planning document to identify the science challenges and opportunities that can be addressed with advanced modeling capabilities, and the specific new or enhanced model capabilities that will be required to enable this research. This assessment focuses on model technology having the potential for enhancing WRF-related research over a period extending five years or more into the future.

The RAB members have prepared a draft plan for "Research-Community Priorities for WRF-System Development" that we are now posting on the WRF Web site in order to solicit further input from the research community that will be considered in finalizing the document. The completed plan will be submitted to the WRF Executive Oversight Board for approval and will then provide guidance to WRF partners and other agencies providing support for WRF development for the benefit of the research community.

I encourage you to review the attached draft plan and provide comments that will aid in preparing final revisions to it. Please send your comments directly to the coordinator of the relevant section(s) of the document (email addresses are included in the document) and direct general comments on the document to me. The development priorities and action items identified in this plan will also be discussed and revised through discussions during the upcoming WRF Users Workshop (June 19-22), and I urge those attending the workshop to review the document beforehand.

Thank you for your willingness to contribute to this important planning process.

Joseph B. Klemp
Chair, WRF Research Applications Board