WRF Working Group 10: Advanced Data Assimilation

Lead: Dale Barker
Email: wrf-wg10@wrf-model.org
Website: Working Group 10


Dale Barker, (NCAR)
Craig Bishop, (NRL)
Shu-hua Chen, (U_UCD)
Mohammed Ghemires, (U_CSU)
Mike McAtee, (AFWA)
Jenny Sun, (NCAR)
Yuanfu Xie, (FSL)
Ming Xue, (U_OU)
Xaiolei Zou, (U_FSU)
Milija Zupanski, (NCEP)


The mission of this working group is to develop a robust, efficient and flexible WRF 4-D variational assimilation system for use by both operational and research communities. Specific 4DVAR tasks supplement those of the WRF 3DVAR system and include: * Perform an early assessment of the possible use of automatic differentiation tools. * Develop a forecast model for the evolution of small yet finite perturbations (tangent-linear/perturbation forecast model) - including the representation of significant physics (components TBD) as well as dynamics. * Develop the adjoint code for the perturbation forecast model. * Include representation of model error evolution. * Merge the above with the WRF 3DVAR system. * Inclusion of high-frequency/resolution observations e.g. radar, automated surface stations, satellite.