WRF Working Group 9: Operational Implementation

Lead: Geoff DiMego
Email: wrf-wg9@wrf-model.org
Website: Working Group 9


Keith Brewster, (CAPS)
Kevin Brundage, (FSL)
Geoff DiMego, (NCEP)
Dave Gill, (NCAR)
R Hodur, (NRL)


Representatives: * Geoff DiMego (lead), NCEP * Ed Bensman, AFWA * Keith Brewster, CAPS * Kevin Brundage, FSL * Dave Gill, NCAR Overview of area of focus, objectives and strategies The focus of WG9 is to navigate the process and to perform the tasks (adaptation, streamlining, testing, etc) necessary for getting the WRF modeling system implemented into the operational environments at NCEP and AFWA. Reliability, efficiency and accuracy are the most important issues for Operations.