WRF Working Group 7: Model Testing and Verification

Lead: Chris Davis
Email: wrf-wg7@wrf-model.org
Website: Working Group 7


Fred Carr, (CAPS)
Bob Craig, (AFWA)
Chris Davis, (NCAR)
Jeffrey Lerner, (FNMOC)
Ying Lin, (NCEP)
Jennifer Mahoney, (FSL)
J Nachamkin, (NRL)
Mark Swenson, (FNMOC)
Stan Trier, (NCAR)


This mission of this working group can be summarized in terms of two main objectives, testing and verification. The mission for model testing is to create a suite of tests of the WRF model for a range of idealized and real weather situations which will serve four purposes: 1. Provide a quick and easy-to-execute introduction to WRF and give an overview of the capabilities of the model. This is intended primarily for new users. 2. Provide a tool to quickly assess the effect of changes to the WRF model. 3. Provide a standard for testing of other weather prediction models. 4. Provide the framework for an educational tutorial on high-resolution weather prediction. The mission for the verification component of WG-7 is to assess the performance of the WRF model in simulations of real-atmosphere evolution on local and regional scales. As needed we will develop new verification tools that account for the highly localized and episodic nature of weather events and the inherent limitations of predictability of such events.