WRF Working Group 6: Post Processing

Lead: Cindy Bruyere
Email: wrf-wg6@wrf-model.org
Website: Working Group 6


Cindy Bruyere, (NCAR)
Hui-Ya Chuang, (NCEP)
John Clyne, (NCAR)
Mary Haley, (NCAR)
Yuan Ho, (UNIDATA)
Don Murray, (UNIDATA)
Alan Norton, (NCAR)
Mark Stoelinga, (3TIER)
Jamie Wolff, (NCAR)


The mission of this working group is to facilitate software porting and development needed to enable WRF users to view and analyze WRF model output data for their scientific and operational forecasting needs. Initially, we need to ensure that WRF users have access to a similar set of tools that MM5 users have. In addition, we feel that the development of a new community model offers the opportunity for the development of new analysis and display tools. We hope to pursue all of these efforts with active participation from the WRF user community.