WRF Working Group 3: Standard Initialization Procedures

Lead: Wei Wang
Email: wrf-wg3@wrf-model.org
Website: Working Group 3


Keith Brewster, (CAPS)
Sue Chen, (NRL)
William Gallus, (U_IASTATE)
Dave Gill, (NCAR)
Paula McCaslin, (NOAA)
Matt Pyle, (NCEP)
Brent Shaw, (AFWA)
Wei Wang, (NCAR)


The mission of this Working Group is to provide basic initialization, lower boundary fields, and lateral boundary grids to the WRF model, in the WRF file format, on the WRF horizontal and vertical coordinate. The code handles NCEP's grib-formatted AVN and Eta model data, because that source is the most familiar and widely-available live data feed for most of the WRF development community, but it is straightforward to use other grib-formatted datasets such as the NCAR/NCEP Reanalysis archive.